The Art of Good Baking

As with all aspects of cookery, the key is to use top quality ingredients. If you want to make a loaf, cake or dessert to wow your family and friends, it's no good trying to save a few cents on buying margarine instead of using butter, or trying to get away with using Spanish flour, which might be cheaper but cannot touch the British or Irish equivalent for quality.

Believe it or not, even cake can be (if maybe not actually good for you in the way that fresh vegeatables are) at least healthier if made from fresh, ingredients. Shop bought bread and cake often contains high levels of colourants and preservatives that might extend shelf life but do very little to enhance taste and quality.

Good baking should be something that we celebrate every day, not merely on special occasions. Whether you love nothing better than a fresh cupcake or prefer the smell of freshly baked bread, you can be sure that we share your passion at Homebake!